This game has the placeholder name of The Outcasts due to the campaign not really having much to work off of as of yet. We have completed no more than the first session so far, but we intend to keep this game going for quite some time. (I personally hope to see this campaign go for at least a year).

The player characters are all members of an adventurers’ guild, which in this world is quite necessary. The adventurers’ guild is used by those who seek to leave the city and need protection. Whether it be a caravan of goods needing escorting to a far away city or some rich bloke who would like to travel into the ruins of some ancient civilization, all those heading outside of the city call upon the adventurers’ guild to offer up some protection. As a side note, the adventurers’ guild also has a deal with the city to work as reinforcements for the city in times of war and crisis.

I will attempt to update the site with info on the sessions as they go along, so stay tuned and enjoy. :)

The Outcasts 4ed

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